Root Pruning: Considerations and Concerns

A lot of residents call for tree service in Oakland and try to get a diagnosis as well as answers for some tree and plant damage they experience on their lawn and garden. There are several reasons why plants experience damage and issues over time, and while a lot of people take time in pruning their plant’ leaves for prevention and remedy, root issues can also cause the damage and withering. Thus, root pruning is very important and critical to plants and trees.  

Root, in general, are very essential for a tree’s health and life. Roots are the very medium that trees obtain water, minerals, and nutrients from the soil. It also provides them a structural support in order to grow bigger and wider.  

As mentioned, not all good things are experienced. There are times that tree roots experience problems and issues, and at the same time cause damage to external elements. For instance, shallow roots can become a potential trip hazard, creates difficulty for other plants to grow in the surrounding area, and/or ruin the aesthetics of your landscape or garden. Not to mention the hazards they can cause on the sidewalks and roads.  

This is where root pruning becomes important for prevention. Although pruning can just be one of the many solutions to prevent the situations above, it is still very important to prune your trees for other reasons, and one of which is to prevent your tree from dying and losing its vitality.  

One of the best and effective methods of pruning is to prune younger trees rather than older ones. In fact, it is the most recommended type of pruning. This is because younger trees do have root ends that have potential for growth as they are in their prime state. In addition, this is commonly practiced before planters or tree service dug up soil and performed tree planting for outgrown trees.  

When it comes to mature trees, there could be effective ways of pruning them although there is a need to make sure you prudently root pruning them. This is to avoid hurting and damaging the trees. The bigger the tree, the more it needs its roots for support. So, you better be careful with pruning those.  

You also need to take note that the closer the root is to the tree’s trunk, the more it is needed by the tree. Not just it provides the most support for the threes, it also has more carbohydrate storage sites that are important for the tree’s survival. This means that when you cut the tree roots near the trees which give the tree’s stability and nutrient support, you may end up damaging the whole tree.  

Root pruning will not be easy especially for people who do not have the experience and skill for this. DIY can cause irreparable damages to your trees and plants. If you need some services, there are companies that offer great quality root pruning as well as the necessary services to make your trees and plants healthy.  

Why You Might Require Stump Grinding Services

There are a lot of reasons why you have to get rid of a tree from your lawn. However, once the tree is eliminated, what should you do with the stump that has left behind? Well, depending on your preferences, stumps can be totally ground down or eliminated. 

If you’ve got a couple of tree stumps in your property, here are a couple of reasons why you should think about getting rid of them with the help of stump grinding Perth services: 

It is Less Invasive Compared to Stump Removal 

For those who don’t know, complete stump removal is invasive. The reason for this is that it needs digging out the whole stump as well as the roots. This can prove to be dangerous if you’re a property owner with a septic tank. The reason for this is that roots might intertwine with the drain field pipes.  

On the other hand, a trained professional utilizes a stump grinding machine during the stump grinding process. This machine will transform the stump into a pile of wood chips. You can then utilize the wood chips as mulch. That’s why stump grinding is also considered an eco-friendly option. The roots will stay in the ground after grinding. Eventually, the roots will decompose.  

Stump Can Be Dangerous to Lawn Maintenance Tools, Animals, and People 

Any person running or walking through your yard can end up tripping over an old tree stump. This can prove especially dangerous to kids as well as pets. This is particularly true if the stump has already been infested by pests that bite, such as ants. The hardness of the old stump combined with the pests can end up causing severe injuries. Aside from that, visitors falling and tripping because of an old stump on your lawn can also open you up to possible liability problems. A stump can also cause a lot of damage to your tools if you are doing lawn maintenance.  

Stumps Can Take Up Space 

Of course, stumps are not appealing. They take up important space in your yard. Aside from that, when they start to rot, they can also lower the curb appeal of your property. If you’ve got a huge stump, it’s probably covering space where you can install a new outdoor living space or a landscape bed. Even a minor stump can produce problems. This is particularly true if you are mowing the lawn.  

Stumps Can Be a Sanctuary for Pests  

Stumps take time to decompose and rot whenever it is left behind. The decomposing and rotting process attracts pests that you do not want in your property. This includes beetles, termites, ants, and much more. At first, they will be attracted to the stump. However, they will slowly move to other places of your lawn. Eventually, these pests can reach your home. You can find yourself looking at an expensive pest control payment if the infestation has already spread to your home. This is particularly true if termites infested your home and caused damages.